Monitoring changes to the built environment

An important part of the Society’s work is to monitor planning applications which relate to the Carshalton Village area and its surroundings, and to make representations where appropriate. It does this by attending local area committee meetings and checking the weekly lists of new applications. The Committee itself is represented on several other locals bodies including Friends’ groups so it can claim to have its finger on the pulse of what is happening in and around the Village.
Although the Society does not always succeed in warding off unwelcome developments it has had a history stretching back almost half a century, from stopping a proposal to concrete over of the ponds in the 1960s (!) to more everyday issues like:

o   Objecting to inappropriate shopfronts and changes of use in Carshalton Village

o   Resisting attempts by Transport for London and other bodies to widen the road by Carshalton Ponds and thereby altering the character of the village

o   Promoting good design and siting of urban 'street furniture' around the village.

The Society needs new blood and more members both active and passive if it is to continue to flourish. We have several Open meetings each year in which we usually have a local speaker; but we also need more members to campaign with us to protect Carshalton’s heritage from unsuitable change and to promote beneficial initiatives.