The Lodge and The Grove.

The Society has viewed with concern the uncertainty over the future of The Lodge, The Grove and other buildings within the central Carshalton Conservation Area over the past few years; these buildings in the ownership and care of the local authority have been declared surplus to requirements.
Currently the buildings and the grounds surrounding them together make the centre of Carshalton the oasis that it is. Whilst the Grove Park itself is not under threat, the Lodge Lands have been threatened with development before (in the 1980s); disposal into the private sector by the council would remove public access and potentially threaten the Carshalton with inappropriate development.
In this context the Society welcomes the innovative proposals by Carshalton charity Ecolocal to take on the building and use much of it and the grounds for a range of community-focused activities.
Despite suggestions form some quarters that these plans have been sprung on councillors as a surprise they have in fact been in the public domain for some years and we welcome Sutton Council’s agreement (October 2015) to proceed with the plans as set out.
More details on the plans for The Lodge can be found on the Ecolocal website,
The Grove house itself is also set to remain in community use in part as the new home for the Voluntary Services.

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory in Honeywood walk is another one of Carshalton’s treasures with an uncertain future. A listed building in the Queen Anne style, it has nonetheless been rather neglected; and it now needs considerable expenditure to secure the integrity of the building.
An active group of local people have set up a charity, the Carshalton Old Rectory Association (CORA) with the aim of negotiating with the council to secure a viable future for the building.
The Society supports these aims and is represented on the Association.